Tour Da France.. .Part Deux

Found somewhere nice to stay today (hoorah) in Rochefort after yesterday’s antics in and around La Rochelle.

Had to wait to actually get on site as they were still in the process of clearing the last lot out.

We then got shown to our pitch, which is a first!…by a lady on a scooter. Lol

Once settled, we got the bikes out for the second time this trip as the weather looked like it would hold out for a bit.

Riding along the river Jánine spotted a fisherman and his wife on a jetty, so went over to see what they caught.

…Looks like a load of shrimp for tea to me, apparently took around 2 hours to catch this lot.

Got into Rochefort centre and found this..

Didn’t quite expect to find a French galleon! But glad we did, as it looked great.

They also had a kind of Go Ape thing going on with a replica too, where you climb around all the rigging wearing a harness.

It had a great looking figurehead hanging off the front too.

Also found more evidence that duct tape can fix ANYTHING in France…

Grabbed a baguette and headed back before the rain caught us.

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