I just found this draft version of a post I started, but never published while we were travelling around Spain. 😀

This is all about the graffiti I found which I simply thought looked interesting.

Found the above on our way into Ghent Belgium.

This was on the campsite in Germany near Calw.

All of the above were found on our walk around Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

All of the following were found on our walk around Avignon France.

Well I never…

…but funny!.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the small updates we provided while on our travels and we hope to provide many more in the future.

This is what happens when Jánine Navigates

Navigating through the centre of Brussels  (Will we ever learn?) We ended up heading towards a big hole in the ground and concrete lumps each side of the road….apparently only buses are permitted down here as they can straddle the hole and drive right over it!

But the up side was we got to practice our reversing up the road missing all the parked cars and traffic manoeuvre again. 🤔