Tattershall, Lincolnshire

Away yet again, this time to Tattershall country park in Lincolnshire with Doris.

We decided to take a walk into Tattershall and maybe onto Coningsby if it wasn’t too far, or there wasn’t anything to see or do in Tattershall.

We spotted the castle through the trees from the main road, so I managed to get the photo above, that was enough for me. Lol

We decided there wasn’t anything else to do there, so we decided to carry on walking to Coningsby to try and find a pub, or fish and chip shop for lunch.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a fish and chip shop open (even when it said they should be in the window), but we did find a local bakery 😁 (as we do lol).

So after 4 small sausage rolls, 1 toffee chocolate Danish, 1 carrot cup cake, 1 salted caramel donut and 1 iced bun (between us might I add, sorry no photo, they didn’t last long enough 😉) we then managed to waddle back to the site for a much earned siesta. 😉

Along the way we did see this in someone’s driveway which we thought was entertaining…

Whether or not it was the real thing, I don’t know, but it looked a pretty good replica if it wasn’t.

Finally a quick test for you all, what time does it say on the clock tower below….

…did you say 2:14? Correct!, did you notice the clock only has 1 hand? 😁