Ashbourne, Derbyshire

We had another little getaway this weekend, this time to a site called Woodland Caravan park near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Luckily we managed to dodge all the rain and have a decent walk in to Ashbourne on the Saturday with some nice scenery to look at along the way. 😁

We even managed to make a few new friends along the way…

After reaching Ashbourne, we had a little wander around and came across a church with colourful sheep outside.

Then we spotted the bike behind the wall…it must have taken someone an age to cover a whole bike in wool!

After seeing all this, we decided to go inside and take a look at the displays inside.

I must say the wool cakes looked amazing! 😁 If only they were real! 😉

Wessington, Derbyshire

Total Nights: 4

A very short walk down to the pond to see a couple of fish and these lovely looking Lilly pads.

Woke up to see a farrier re-shoeing a horse this morning which was quiet interesting to see.

On our way out for a walk along the country lanes we spotted a few chickens which was nice…however the dead one in the top left corner of the photo.. not so nice. Lol

Jánine was certain she’d heard donkeys at one point in the day.. this was confirmed the next day when we spotted this pair in a nearby field.

Finished the day off with the obligatory fish n chips from the local chippy.. which was only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 till 9.. however they were pretty good and the people were queuing out the door was a good sign. 😀

Carsington Water, Derbyshire

Total Nights: 2

Our first little visitor after settling in at Carsington water.  Followed by a little walk through the woods and back lanes.

While passing a field full of sheep not far from the camp site, we heard a lot of noise and commotion.  After closer inspection it turned out the sheep were being sheared by the farmers then set free again, but as each of the female sheep were going in one end all fluffy and bushy, they were coming out the other end a lot slimmer and not at all fluffy any more, as such, all the lambs couldn’t recognise their parents any more and were calling out to them and trying to find them amongst all the others, hence all the noise.
While on our way back from our walk we noticed the lovely sunset.

Here’s looking forward to our next outing in Doris 😀