What’s Wrong Here?

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

We had a game of pool the other night in the bar area and seeing another table in a different part of the hotel that was a little quieter, we thought we’d have a rematch.

However, as we’re picking the pool cues up and looking for the triangle we noticed something a little strange…there aren’t any pockets!

Scratching of heads for a few moments I clicked… billiards!…not pool 🤣 not knowing how to play billiards we decided to quietly place the pool cues back and walk away before anyone noticed we didn’t hit a single ball and still had the WTF confused faces showing. 🤣

Romantic Meal on the Beech

We had a lovely meal in the restaurant next to the beech just as the sun was going down.

And this was the corridor you went down to get to the restaurant, which I thought looked amazing with all the Chinese lanterns.

You had a choice of starters and desert and for your main dish you went and picked the pieces of meat / seafood you want from a buffet area, then they BBQ it for you and bring it to your table, all very nice!

Finally… Mask free!

We’re FINALLY mask free!… The new resort is taking it all (the Corona virus outbreak) very seriously, anti bacterial hand wash everywhere, especially in and out of food halls, short medical questionnaire to fill out on arrival and they take your temperature at various points to check for fever!… Nice one Vin Pearl Resort and Spa Phu Quoc island, Vietnam. 😁👍

Party Bus

If you’ve been on a TUI flight before (maybe long haul?) you’ve probably seen the ‘TUI wave’ where the cabin lights glow different colours, I wonder if the idea is catching on?

The photo above was from the coach taking us from the airport to our second hotel of the trip on Phu Quoc Island… I think it looks more like a party bus! 🤣

Vietnam’s Notre Dame

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed in due to the renovations currently under way, so we could only get this photo from the outside.

Apparently, it was built and constructed with entirely french materials etc, but instead of using the sandstone like that used in the Paris Notre Dame, they had to use normal brick in order to keep the inside cooler.