Terra Firma

It seems I missed uploading a blog post from back in November on our return to the UK.

Anyway, better late than never I guess.


It’s good to be back on terra firma again after a rough crossing from Santander to Portsmouth!

I believe we spent 20 out of the 24 hours lying down in our bunks dosed up on Stugeron, I managed to be up just long enough to shovel a Spaghetti Bolognese down my neck without throwing up, before diving back on the bunk for the looooong crossing back to Portsmouth.


I just found this draft version of a post I started, but never published while we were travelling around Spain. 😀

This is all about the graffiti I found which I simply thought looked interesting.

Found the above on our way into Ghent Belgium.

This was on the campsite in Germany near Calw.

All of the above were found on our walk around Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

All of the following were found on our walk around Avignon France.

Well I never…

…but funny!.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the small updates we provided while on our travels and we hope to provide many more in the future.


So after our Brussels visit today, we decided to head to Luxembourg city to start going south.

Not seeing much in the way of parking options in Luxembourg we figured we’d find somewhere to stay for the night near the German border to get a headstart on tomorrow and heading towards Stuttgart. So after finding an aire to stay at we entered the GPS coordinates and off we went.

After about an hour or two driving we were told we’ve reached our destination, looking up I see a crossroads with fields all around us and no sign of an aire at all.  Enquiring to my better half how the coordinates were entered, I think I can see the problem, coordinates duly entered again… correctly, we set off again.

Another 20 minutes later we find ourselves in the middle of a housing estate with the destination somewhere off the edge of the screen somewhere, at this point we realise we’ve messed up AGAIN somehow!

So after opening Google maps on my phone to determine just how far off course we are…we were shocked to find we’re actually in France!…damn it! How the heck did this happen?

Okay, at this point it’s nearly 7:30pm, we haven’t eaten yet and we have no clue where we’re going or where we’re going to sleep tonight. 😭

Jánine found a campsite that’s about 4 miles away, we’re not entirely sure it’s open or if they’ll let us in at this time of night…but it will have to do!

Arriving at the campsite, it became quite clear we ain’t getting on there either, there was a long dark drive lined with trees each side, no lights on anywhere and reception seemingly shut up for the night/winter.

There was a large caravan parked on the side of the drive with someone in it, so figured what the heck, let’s join them, so we pulled up in front of them and got the hob going to cook dinner.

After watching a little TV on the laptop, we decided it was time for bed… that and the laptop battery just died. ☹

Oh well, here’s hoping tomorrow’s a better one. 😁

Back In The UK

So, we’re back in the UK…I guess we need to look for jobs again. 😢

Anyone know of any .Net Programming or Accountancy jobs nearby? If so, please let us know.

We should be able to make it in to work by 11am, we’re obviously going to need lunch around 12:30, we do start to get a little sleepy around 3pm so may need a quick nap and finally we’ll need to be away for 4:30pm, lunch time finish on a friday and oh, ideally part time. 😁

But on a serious note, if you do hear of any contracting work in .Net or VB and Accountancy temping…DO let us know as we need to fund this lifestyle somehow.

Au Revoir

So, here’s the final post (of this trip!), Au Revoir France, it’s been amazing, loved every minute of it (except Bordeaux).
I don’t think this is goodbye, I think it’s more of a see ya later!…hasta la vista! Oooo now there’s a thought?….Spain? 😉

Steve & Jánine x

Top 10 Things I’ve Learnt in France

1) You drive on the right hand side of the road, if you don’t it doesn’t make them too happy and it makes me very nervous.

2) It can actually rain almost every day.

3) The noise of the rain on the top of Doris can be so loud that the laptop speakers cannot compete and you have to turn it off until it stops raining.

4) Croissants, Pain O Chocolate, Cheese and Baguettes are addictive!…be careful!

5) WiFi / Phone signal IS important!…I’ve got a blog to write! 😉

6) If it’s cold enough, you can actually shower in 2 minutes flat!

7) When it’s really cold, sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to get OUT of the shower for some reason!?

7) I can balance better on my left leg than my right.

8) Always take toilet roll with you to the toilet, you just never know if there will be any there, even if there was yesterday.

9) Just because a campsites website offers discounts for September, it doesn’t mean they will accept it…or even be open!

10) The friendliness of the French varies dramatically!…from looking at us like we have the plague, to telling us to follow them and they will take us to the campsite!

Sidenote: following on from number 10, Jánine felt like we should offer the man something for his trouble…at which point she pulls out MY box of a dozen Pain O Chocolate and offers it over to him!…inside she’s now realising how it may seem like she was offering him the whole box and was getting nervous he might say yes and take the lot!


I quite like the look of some graffiti I see here and there, so I’ve been taking a quick snap as I find them ready to post all at once.

So here they are…😁

Found this one near the river at Montbazen.

And this one which I think is brill on the way to Sacre Couer. 

Found this one in Chinon on the side of a van.

Spotted this one while on route to La Rochelle. 

This one was on our bike ride around Rochefort…Le Banksy?

Found this one just off the motorway somewhere.

Another piece travelling through the back roads. 

Found all of these in Abbeville…

I hope you all like them.


Okay, after intense alcohol therapy, I now feel I’m able to finally talk about… Bordeaux.

We thought it would be great to go and see Bordeaux and perhaps sample some wine for which it is famous.

Using the sat nav, we got her to just point us straight to the city centre and we’d figure out the details as we got nearer.

Weeeeeel, before we knew it we were actually in the city centre, it didn’t look too bad traffic wise so we thought we’d just wander round till we found somewhere to park, then take a walk / bike to whatever looked interesting.

It’s around this time it all started to go wrong!

We were literally taking a left or a right turn on gut feeling alone, hoping that the next corner would bring a park n ride or a large car park where we could tuck Doris up for a few hours…but alas, this wasn’t to be.

The decision was made to simply get out of dodge as the streets were getting narrower and narrower and seemingly further and further into the centre of town.

Even while trying to get out, it was getting worse!

At one point we were going down the narrowest of streets with cars parked down both sides! And no option to reverse out!

We had to put the wing mirrors in to get past one particular seemingly impassable obstruction of vehicles, with (I kid you not) approximately 1 inch each side of poor Doris!

Upon getting to larger roads and starting to breathe easier, we simply gave up on the whole idea and tried to blot it from our minds. 

So after about a 2.5 hours drive from Rochefort to Bordeaux, we turned round and headed almost back the way we came to just get away from the place and ended up driving for approximately 9 hours straight before finding a place to collapse for the night with a large and very much needed stiff drink for Nanna and Grandad and the petrol light now on in the middle of nowhere!

Here endeth the traumatic recollection of the days events which are not to be repeated again.