Another lovely sky at night

We had another little walk around the site tonight to see if we could catch a rabbit or two (on film so to speak) on Easter Sunday.

We did watch three or four dart from one hedge to another in front of us, but my hand and fingers weren’t fast enough to get my phone out and snap away. Lol

Harry The Hedgehog

Jánine spotted this little guy wandering through the woods tonight near Newark and he seemed quite happy for me to get a couple of photos and a video. 😉👍

To be honest, it is a bit of an assumption that he’s a he, he could quite possibly be a she. 🤔 … He didn’t hang about for me to ask the questions.

Update: Jánine believes he should be called Henry, not Harry, so hence forth he shall be known as Henry.

Newark For The Day

Walked in to Newark today and managed to catch a little of the cattle market auction which was quite interesting… who knew a bunch of lambs are around £60?

At a little over 30 minutes walk we got a few steps in saw some of the town, which seemed to be inundated with Morris dancers!?

Found some crafts in the castle grounds, where they were spinning wool…old school style.

Quite a nice view walking through the butter market shown above.

Smeatons Lakes, near Newark

Finally managed to get away for a couple of nights to try and catch a little of the sunshine we’ve had for the last few weeks 😁 …only to find the day we’re loading up it’s raining with threats of thunderstorms. 😭

Ventured to a place called Smeatons Lakes near Newark which was recommended by a friend.

It seems to be dedicated to fishing, which I feel tends to make the place look more scenic and is generally more relaxing. 😁

As you can see from the photo above, the rain stopped and the sun’s out again! Yay!

So, plan for the day is to have breakfast, then have a wander around the lakes here. Followed by some down time reading, then a walk to Wetherspoons which is apparently a 30 minute walk away.

So catch you all later after a few more steps have been added to the Fitbit! 👍