Trying to maximise our time today, we decided to combine going for a walk, with having a meal and also seeing something of the place around us… tick, tick and tick. 👍

As shown above, there’s a lovely looking beach and a pier with what looks like a lifeboat launch at the end. 🤔

Jánine even managed to find some HUGE hag stones, the size of a watermelon!…which thankfully, I managed to persuade her not to bring home with us.

Crystals Everywhere

Wandering around Glastonbury, you start to realise there are crystals everywhere!… and I mean everywhere.

You notice crystals in statues, for sale in practically every shop you go in and even in the walls of houses as you walk up the street, where they’ve obviously been embedded into the brickwork and mortar by the builders.

White Spring

While on our way to the Tor, we happened upon a small spring at the side of the road which looked amazing.

After chatting with one of the guys there, we found there was a small temple inside where people go to meditate and pray.

Unfortunately, they were just closing and they said they’re only open at the weekends now due to Covid restrictions and needing four volunteers to run it, but after some small talk from Jánine, they let us in for 5 minutes to have a quick look around. 👍

I believe it’s a small reservoir / spring built into the side of the hill, which has water flow into it.

Once inside, you can see there are small altars at each end and in the middle a kind of 3 layer waterfall type that’s flowing into what looks a little like a hot tub in the middle.

The acoustics in there were amazing too, you could hear the chanting reverberating all around you which transported you to another place.