Jánines personal water fountain

I just had to share this small tale as a personal reminder of the event myself.

So there we were travelling down to the start of our trip to for the ‘Classic Mekong Delta river trip’, we’ve been on the bus for about an hour, half nodding off, half watching the rice paddies go by when Jánine decided to take a sip of water from her bottle.

So, she unhooks the surgical face mask from behind her ears (which was standard attire for our trip), she raises the bottle to her mouth ready to take a sip and she tips the bottle up…just as we go over a rather large bump in the road…at which point I hear a small squeel as water’s gushing everywhere!

It seems as we hit the bump, Jánine jumped a little and at the same time squeezed the bottle which was untouched until this point ie full!…so now her face is dripping wet with the water running off the end of her chin, her lap is now soaked through to the seat below…and…her mouth is still full of water!

At this point, I did my best not to laugh, I clenched my lips together to try and hide it and hold it all in so she wouldn’t know I was trying not to laugh!

Once she managed to swallow the mouth full of water I could let it all out and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter which I can safely say must have lasted about 10 minutes. I believe it was the look on her face that made me laugh so hard, whether it was the sheer surprise of the water squirting all over her, or the look she was giving me that said don’t you dare laugh, but either way, one memory I don’t want to forget! 🤣🤣