Cu Chi Tunnels

Another day trip, this time to the Cu Chi tunnels which showed how the locals used tunnels to fight and live during the Vietnamese war.

The first level was used to eat, meet / get together and cook, the second level was used to fight and the third level was to escape and if required swim out through the tunnel to the river.

Such amazing thought and planning which was highly effective.

Some of the ideas they had were amazing, such as using bamboo pipes running underground from the kitchen to another part of the forest where the pipe was hidden in the middle of a tree or termite mound, so even if the pipe was found, the location of the kitchen could be hundreds of metres away and wouldn’t be found.

They practically recycled everything, old tyres and inner tubes into shoes, which they wore with one shoe facing forward and the other backwards to confuse the enemy into which direction they’d gone.

Unexploded enemy bombs were dismantled and turned into land mines and the metal melted and turned into spikes for traps.

The tunnels themselves were only dug during the evening for 4 hours, this allowed them to be hidden at night while they dug, but still give them enough time to put everything back by morning so it looked like nothing had been done or changed.

They even used to find old destroyed tanks which they would also dismantle then actually dig the earth out from underneath and slowly bury the tank so it could be used as a hardened bunker by their generals.

They had hundreds of hidy holes all through the forest which they could run and hide in, each led into tunnels going in two directions, these were all joined together with around 20 metres between each hole.

They also used bamboo branches to create pipes that went from the tunnels to the surface which were disguised as termite mounts for ventilation.

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