Chicken with a snake!

We didn’t manage to get a photo or anything of this, but it was another one of those things you probably wouldn’t forget if you saw it anyway.

While on the Mekong River tour we’d stopped for lunch in a small area hidden in the woods and while watching some locals perform a few songs and entertain us, Jánine heard, then spotted this chicken going crazy and running around like a mad hatter, making a right old noise, closely followed by about another half dozen making similar noises chasing it.

It took us a second to pinpoint the source of the commotion, but when we did, we were a little concerned…

The chicken had a snake hanging out of each side of its mouth!…while running away from the other chickens…I guess to be able to keep it all to itself…I didn’t even know chickens could / would eat snakes!? But the snake must have been at least 1.5 feet long!