How much for the bottle…

Stay with me for a second here.

We’re staying all inclusive at a resort in the Maldives and after trying to bring a drink back to our room we were told that’s not allowed. 😥

Us being us, we don’t quite like someone telling us what, where and when we can eat or drink… Especially when we’re all inclusive!

So we started to take a look at the cost of the items in the mini bar in the room.

The above bottle is 37.5cl, which I believe is slightly bigger than a can of coke in the UK, yes, it’s Johnny Walker black label, but how much do you think that would cost in US dollars?

Ten dollars?, Fifteen?, Thirty?

…55 US Dollars!, so approximately £41! For a small bottle of whiskey barely bigger than a can of coke.

The two small plastic cups to the right of the bottle….FREE! fetch it yourself style. 😉

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