Pool Squirrel

There we were, just lounging in the pool with a drink in hand, when Jánine, who can spot movement of anything that can crawl, squirm, run, roll or slither and lives within 50 feet of us spotted movement!

After trying to focus for what felt like a week without my glasses, I found what she was looking at, running along the top of the pool side awning was a cheeky little visitor.

Our initial assessment was that it was a baby mongoose (as we spotted an adult the day before while on our travels).

Once I’d managed to clamber out of the pool, grab a towel and my phone, I was able to get a couple of photos and videos of the wee fella!

… And his buddy!

Upon closer inspection, I think we’re going with some sort of squirrel.

It looked like during the day they went foraging, but once the pool was closed and the awnings shut, he popped into his little hidey hole for the night.

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