Moonstone mine

On our way to Galle we visited a moonstone mine which is something Sri Lanka is famous for, apparently they have blue and white moonstones from this mine too.

This is the hut built over the top of the shaft which they were in the process of replacing the roof on to keep it a bit cooler down there.

The guide seemed to take a lot of pride in the fact that they do everything the manual way by hand with very little in terms of automation.

Quick question, do you know where cashew nuts come from?… Me either, till now..

The green lump on the bottom is an actual cashew nut still on the tree.

All the Jewellery is made by hand too, some of the pieces looked amazing.


aw this and had to get a photo at another gem store we were railroaded into visiting lol…

Not sure how much it’s worth though. Lol

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