Day trip to see the turtles (part 3)

We finally made it to the turtle conservation project and I cannot say how much I enjoyed it!… Jánine was ok with it, she didn’t scream once lol, but she did kindly refuse to hold any…unlike me 😉 I couldn’t get my hands on enough of them!

I got to hold some of the day old new borns!… Which was great!

They’re so cute! one even fell to sleep in the palm of my hand while I was holding it! 😴 He just tucked his flippers in and was out like a light.

The next tank had some which were a little older, they were around 5 months old I think and obviously a little bigger and heavier and you could see most of the characteristics that distinguish between the different types.

…And they got bigger and bigger…

I don’t think I could have managed any of the fully grown ones, as they can weigh up to around 600kg each for the leatherbacks! (Not here though as they are extremely rare!).

I absolutely loved this day trip! I would even say it’s one of, if not, THE best trip I’ve been on and we’ve been on a few over the years. Lol

I don’t know what it is about them, I just think they’re great after I swam / snorkeled with them once before.

I cannot put into words the feeling of being there with them in the sea and watching them swim around you and seeing how they glide so gracefully under the water. You just step out of the water with this huge sense of calm and happiness.

Anywho, if you didn’t know already, a lot of these wonderful creatures are becoming endangered and really need our help to survive and be around for future generations to see.

If you want too find out more information, here’s a link to the place we went to:


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