Day trip to see Turtles (part 1)

We decided to take a little trip up the road today to visit a turtle conservation project and what better way to see the place than from the back of a tuk tuk!

The driver was kind enough to stop along the way to show us some of the sights such as fruit bats in the trees and a huge local temple which could be seen from down the road…

We were told at the gate we had to remove our shoes and hats and women must be covered, which is the norm when visiting buddhist temples etc, but as we weren’t going out out, we were just going out to see the turtles, we hadn’t exactly planned or prepared for this.

Anyway, as it’s about 12:10 in the afternoon now, the tiled porcelain floor was absolutely scorching!, I cannot tell you how hot it was, each step was a third degree burn on the soles of your feet!, and when you’re half way round, you kinda lose any other options other than to carry on!

You’ve never seen two people move so quick between each building, all with the locals watching us and having a right old laugh at us dancing the whole way around sounding like monkeys! Lol

Glad we saw it and all that, we just need to be more of a boy scout and be prepared for anything!, So next time I’m taking a life raft, fire starter, machette, change of clothes for a week, 6 bottles of water and a pair of thick socks!

I left the pet cat at the front to guard the place, he’s a big softie really and doesn’t take much feeding. 😂

One thought on “Day trip to see Turtles (part 1)

  1. The locals caught you on the hop then hehe. On a serious note our Georgina is pregnant, Fran said it is now on fac3book. Xx


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