The weather has finally started to pick up again and the heating system in Doris has been fixed!… Time to get on the road again!

This is our first little trip away for months!, just a local site again to test out the heating system and the other repairs we’ve had done to Doris.

Biggest issue so far…not having a clue what to do with everything again, it seems all the little routines we got into while traveling before, have completely slipped our minds. 🤔 …Is this old age creeping in? or just the pressures, stresses and grind of daily life taking over what little space is left in our tiny brains?

We arrived at the site in the pitch black (about 8pm), to quite quickly realise we needed to fill the water tank / system for the heating to work…errrrr we’ll be alright for a night… Won’t we?

Oh well, let’s get tea started and I’m sure we’ll be fine…Erm…when was the last time we checked the gas bottle?…doh!… Empty! just as we were warming up (cooking in our house) the carrot and swede mash to go with the ‘faggis’ (fake / vegetarian haggis) 😉 … Which, I for one thoroughly enjoyed!

After eating tea, it appeared we weren’t going to be as alright as we thought without the heating.

Fortuitously, the water tap was only about 6 feet being us…result! 👍 So all I had to do was reverse back another few feet and plug the hose in.

So I unplug the electric hookup cable, pop open the side window shade, reverse back a few feet, plug the electric cable back in, hook up the hose, then press a couple of buttons inside to start filling the tank up.

So within about 10 minutes we were cooking with gas…well, electric anyway.

The heating system appears to be working as expected, just took a while to get fully warmed up, but fully happy with the repairs.

It was only this morning Jánine mentioned how much she trusted me? To which I replied, ‘what do you mean by that?’, ‘well’ she says, ‘last night when you reversed Doris back to sort the heating out, you didn’t mention that you were going to turn all the lights out and start reversing towards the lake that’s about 30 feet behind us with all the window shades down without telling me’.

Erm, when you put it that way, I can see what she meant, I didn’t realise or know the lights were going to go out when I unhooked the electric cable and I actually forgot to mention I was moving Doris. Oops.

As you can see from the photo above, waking up to that view behind you in the morning is great and adds to the experience that is motorhoming.

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