Sunset Dinner / Morabeza Beach Bar

We only booked one trip while in Cape Verde, figured we’re after the downtime more than the action or adventure for a change.

The trip was a sunset dinner at the Morabeza beach bar in Cape Verde with an african show.

We seem to keep stumbling upon the establishments that sell alcohol for some reason. 🤔 😁

The drinks we (I chose before I try to pass blame) were a little on the sour side, a caipirhana and a strawberry cocktail which I thought would be like a strawberry daiquiri.

Unfortunately, all the lemon, lime and the small teaspoon of sugar didn’t help! Jánine came up with the plan to put a straw in each and suck them both at the same time, thus offsetting the very sour one with the slightly less sour strawberry one.

The sunset did look amazing! Pretty romantic if you ask me.

The beach bar from the outside.

And here’s a couple of shots of the African show…

We would definitely recommend the beach bar, the food was great, the staff were amazing and attentive, location fantastic, what more could you ask for.

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