Rhodes, Greece

So here we are, fortunate enough to have another holiday, this time to the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece.

The above photo was taken on a day trip to a nearby island called Symi to visit a monastery.

We had a lovely day wandering around the small town and had a nice lunch at a local Greek restaurant.

However, if you get the opportunity to go, by all means go and enjoy the place, but after a 1 hour bus ride to get to the port, followed by another 2.5 hours on a boat to the island it certainly felt like a bit of a trek

Jánine was looking forward to seeing the monastery and maybe catching a glimpse of the monks or perhaps listening to a nice hymn or chant or something.

We were dropped off on Symi near the monastery and advised we had about 1 hour to look around before getting back on the boat to travel a little further around the island.

We walked a few steps to the ‘monastary’ to find it was only big enough for about 10 people at a time, and to emphasise this, there was one way in and another way out at the back… I didn’t even go in as it felt a little claustrophobic and I thought I would wait for the ‘big’ monastery later…and for those who can guess where this is going… There wasn’t a big one later…that was it!

So after all that travelling to get there and Jánine getting a little excited about seeing it all, there wasn’t anything TO see.

Apparently, there is only one monk who lives there.

Jánine mentioned it to the guide on the way back that we’d expected a large monastery with monks and stuff…she just laughed!

Weeeeeeeel, so much for that caper hey. 🤔

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