Friday Night with Bryn

We booked to see Bryn Terfel tonight at the Millennium Centre in Wales, which according to Google maps was a 26 minute walk from the hotel.

The plan was to find somewhere near the hotel for something to eat, then take a leisurely walk to the centre.

So after fueling up at nandos with a burger and glass of wine, we headed off to the centre.

The distance wasn’t bad, but the streets we took were a little to be desired! We felt like we were walking through the danger zone most of the way ☹️ but we made it in the end.

So, on to the show, Bryn had an amazing voice!, a lot like some of his fellow Welsh singers. 😁

The only gripe I had with the whole performance was this…I didn’t understand a flippin’ word…oh no, tell a lie, I did hear the words ‘Paul Robeson’ in Bryn’s deep voice a couple of times and ‘cool’ from one of the younger singers lol but overall an enjoyable experience.

We managed to grab a quick drink from the bar at intermission and we sat just behind the words you can see from the outside of the building as you can below.

Walking back to the hotel, Jánine did manage to find a much better / safer route, so all in all a great night was had.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night with Bryn

  1. next job to learn welsh? or just speak in English and spit all over who ever your talking to at the same time he he


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