Smeatons Lakes, near Newark

Finally managed to get away for a couple of nights to try and catch a little of the sunshine we’ve had for the last few weeks 😁 …only to find the day we’re loading up it’s raining with threats of thunderstorms. 😭

Ventured to a place called Smeatons Lakes near Newark which was recommended by a friend.

It seems to be dedicated to fishing, which I feel tends to make the place look more scenic and is generally more relaxing. 😁

As you can see from the photo above, the rain stopped and the sun’s out again! Yay!

So, plan for the day is to have breakfast, then have a wander around the lakes here. Followed by some down time reading, then a walk to Wetherspoons which is apparently a 30 minute walk away.

So catch you all later after a few more steps have been added to the Fitbit! 👍

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