Borneo Story Number 1

So, after staying in a room at the rainforest lodge for a night, we came in tonight to find a lizard in the room near the air conditioning unit (around 11-12 feet up), as soon as we spotted it it darted above the a/c unit where we couldn’t even see it anymore.

At this point, Jánine kinda points at it and says “go on then!”, I’m then thinking how the heck do I reach something 12 feet in the air with no long poking device to hand?!, I know I’m tall but c’mon?

So we’re at a crossroads, what do we do next? Either go and ask at reception regarding a “room related problem”, or try to find some sort of poking stick and a means to capture said creature?

As far as Jánine was concerned, it was one or the other as we’re not sleeping in here with that thing.

So we opted to go ask at reception for assistance.

2 minutes later a young girl turns up with a broom, however bearing in mind where this thing is hiding… The girl is no word of a lie around 4 feet 10 inches! She looks up at the a/c unit, then back to me (the 6 foot 5 inch hunk of muscle…I wish).

So now what do I do? I decided I really should try to help, being as I don’t think she could even reach the a/c unit even with the broom, so I poked the broom above the a/c unit and waggled it all about…no joy, this thing is hunkered down for the night now.

The young then called in assistance as we said it doesn’t leave then we are!

After the manager arrived 10 minutes later and rearranged the bedroom to try and stand on a table (still about 5 foot short) he decided we could move to another lodge.

So here we are in lodge number 2 for our final night before heading off to the next location on our tour of Borneo.

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