Borneo Story Number 1 Follow Up

So, after getting a new lodge after finding a lizard in our room and us saying we cannot sleep in there with that thing, we’d settled in for the night, chit chatting about the day as you do, when suddenly Jánine says “Oh no”, “what I say”, “up there”… There’s only another lizard 🦎 literally about 2 feet from where the other one was in the other room! How can that be? Did it follow us just to mock us?

Figuring we’d be pushing our luck to ask for yet another room, I had to “put my big boy pants on” as Jánine would say and deal with it one way or another.

I opted for the throw a large pillow at it to knock it off the wall, then reload with another pillow to finish it off plan. In my head, the plan was flawless, in reality not so much.

The plan to knock it off the wall worked fine, the finishing it off part was much harder to accomplish.

It ended up on the floor taking around 3-4 hits with the pillow, then it ran up the door frame, then into the toilet, which I’d obviously be using in the evening at some point, so it can’t stay there! Then it ran into a corner under a table, at which point I had to go with plan B, throw a towel at it to cover it, then bash the towel with a size 12 trainer, then stick my flip flop on… and stamp on it, just to make sure.

I do feel bad doing all of the above, but I don’t think either of us would have slept properly knowing it was within easy reach of our heads while we slept for the rest of the night, and hearing it run across the ceiling in the middle of the night would result in us sleeping in reception!

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