First Leg of the Trip

After a stressful morning unsuccessfully trying to pack everything we own into the cases we had ready for our Borneo trip, unsurprisingly we found it didn’t all fit, πŸ€” at which point I had to order and collect a larger one from Argos ASAP!

Eventually we managed to get the majority of what we wanted to take into the cases and be on our way.

After finally making it to the airport…on time might I add! (Which is no mean feat for us I can tell you!) we could start to relax. 😁

Once on the plane, we settled in for our 7 hour flight…to then advised by the pilot it would be 12 hours! 30 minutes! 😭 As usual, we didn’t bother to spend the 5 seconds it would take to Google it to find out before we left. Lol oh well.

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