This weekend we decided to go to York for the day with a stopover in a hotel.

It’s a lovely little place, we strolled along the cobbled streets and gazed at York Minister.

Jánine managed to find a small bookshop up a side street where I spotted these two hanging from the walls above the doorway.

I’m not sure if anyone told them, but it’s not even close to Halloween any more, so how did we find this little contraption?

… Complete with driver! 😁

I found a samurai…”high ya!”

This has got Jánines name all over it! 😁

We rounded the day off in a local Curry house, I’d like to say it was fantastic…but I can’t I’m afraid.

Finally a quiet walk back to the hotel as the sun was going down before “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Jánine screaming….”what the..”, “Frogs, there’s Frogs on the path in front of us!”, to which I replied “hang on, let me get my phone out for a photo” 😉

Nice!, Got a wildlife photo after all! 😁👍

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