Our Little Walk To The Beach

We decided we needed to get out today and stretch the legs a bit, so we thought a walk to the nature reserve would be a good idea!?

After checking with reception which would be the best way to go, we set off into the woods. 

Very quickly we found ourselves trekking through dense undergrowth to get to the path shown above, we followed that for what seemed like miles and miles to eventually find the beach we were promised…hoorah!

Once over the sand dunes and on the beach, we noticed a guy a further up…naked!…just standing there with his hands on his hips, (thankfully for us he was too far away to see anything). 
At this point we wondered if the guy in reception meant naturist beach, not nature reserve? Hmmmm 🤔 

Jánine had a little wander to collect a few shells for a bit while I sat and listened to the waves crashing, then we headed back the way we came.

Realising we popped out through the undergrowth somewhere, we were trying to figure out how we would know when we’d come back far enough along the path to cut through the woods again?

As we got near to what we thought was the right place, we started looking for the small path back through the woods…this is where it started to get interesting…we couldn’t find it!…we were traipsing up and down and back again to find it, to no avail.

After putting the address into Google maps we had a clue, we were pretty much opposite the campsite entrance, but we still couldn’t find the path back through the trees again.

Jánine had a great idea…look for our original footsteps in the sand! 🤔

Eventually we spotted one of my fairly distinctive size 12 Adidas steps!

…Follow that big foot!

We finally found our way back to the campsite to a small sigh of relief…it is lunchtime afterall!

Right!…I’m knackered and definately getting that pizza from the cafe on site I’ve been hankering after for the last 2 days. 😁 …”The pizzeria is closed till Friday!”… maybe not then.  😭

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