Another New Friend…A Donkey!

So, I went for a shower this morning and while getting sorted with the shower gel and the like, I heard the loudest donkey from somewhere VERY close.  

After finishing up in the shower I found him in the field next door!

I mentioned it to Jánine when I got back to Doris, which meant we had to go see and get a photo or two. 

As soon as Jánine spotted him it was the usual, she started having a conversation with him and telling him how we’ll go and get some apples for him.

So we went back to Doris for MY apples! By the time we’d done, he’d gone through the lot and was wolfing them all down…then Jánine spotted 3 more in the next field! … doh!

Right, we’ll have to go back and get something for the others she says, so we traipsed back to Doris for practically a full punnet of pears we’d brought the day before!

Back up to the field to give the other 3 some pears, which I don’t think they were that fussed on… so she gave the remainder to the first donkey who didn’t seem care what they were.

Anyway, just off to the shops now for some more apples and pears! 😁

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