Long Day! 

Today’s been a long day!

It started last night when we were desperately trying to find a campsite for the night.  It seems pretty much every campsite we found or looked up online was closed for season.

We eventually pulled up to a site near Lake Annecy which sounded perfect, close to the lake for great scenery, electric hook up and a shower block, everything we wanted.  

We got there around 8pm to be told by an unhappy woman that they were closed! But there was another site around 30 mins away which should be open.

After a little deliberation, we decided to stay on the road where we were, about 20 yards up from the gate.  There where already another couple of Motorhomes there…so safety in numbers?, we figured  we’ve already got water, the laptop is charged up so our entertainment was sorted, plus we could do with getting a plan together for the following day anyway.

The plan agreed, an alarm was set for 7:30 to be up and gone to head straight to the suggested campsite to get showered then spend the day walking or cycling around the lake which should be nice.

7:30 comes round and we head off.

After finding the site and being told it too was closed, we proceeded to lookup and hunt down approximately 5 more sites in the area with the same outcome. ☹

Three hours later! we still hadn’t found a site which was open and we’d travelled up and down the same two or three roads a number of times.  Writing the area off at this point we decided to head to the next location. 

With similar results at each place we looked up, we found very few open at this time of year.

By now we had become a little fedup of the whole affair and thought maybe the situation would be better nearer the coast where perhaps all the Brits would head for the sun?

Not exactly smelling our best, with the weather hovering around the 23 degrees mark throughout the day, we were praying the site we’d found was 1) open 2) had spaces 3) could fit Doris in 4) had electric hookup and 5) had showers!

With barely 5% battery on each phone and the battery pack down to it’s last breath of life giving juice we arrived at the site in Avignon to find around four Motorhomes parked out the front…fearing the worst ie they don’t have any spaces or all these other people were in a queue, we decided to dive straight in, jump the possible queue and rolled right up to reception with a hopeful grin on our faces!

It finally paid off! 😁 They have all of the above!…book us in!…Oooo maybe even 2 nights! 😁 the relief at this point was enormous, I cannot say how happy we were at that moment with the thought of a hot shower lifting our spirits to new highs!

We realised today that the simple things in life, such as a hot shower can so often be underestimated, but can give so much pleasure when it comes at the right time! 😁

The photo above was the view through the trees directly above us once we’d parked up and breathed a huge sigh of relief at finding our new home for a couple of days.

All in all, we’d been driving for about 9 hours and each and every hour that passed we got smellier and smellier, but perseverance paid off in the end.

We now have power to blog with and charge the many batteries up… including our own. 😁

3 thoughts on “Long Day! 

  1. I maybe asking a question which is in itself maybe a trickier one to carry out the solution…but isn’t it possible to ring/email (en-mass) these campsites ahead of setting off whilst you’re parked up at a campsite you’re at… and even pre-pay for a pitch?


    1. Good idea, but like you say harder to carry out. Sometimes they just don’t answer the phone whether it’s because they’re closed, busy elsewhere on the site or dealing with customers. Plus we can only find them online and even though it says they’re open till November we’ve found some closed in September. ☹ but thanks for thinking about it m8


  2. I maybe asking a question which is in itself maybe a trickier one – but is it possible to ring/email ahead to these campsites whilst you’re parked up at a campsite… even pre-pay for a pitch?


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