Nice Person

We just wanted to give a wonderful person a quick mention on here.

Yesterday while trying to find a place to stay we were going down some fairly narrow back roads with plenty of twists and turns which Doris prefers we take a little slower than in a car, as such I felt the need to pull over for a minute to let everyone past so I didn’t hold people up.

After doing this then carrying on again, we turned off the road and ended up following a small Peugeot car who decided to stop at an island, put their hazard lights on, then a young lady jumped out heading for us. 🤔 hmmm she must be lost…big mistake coming to ask us how to get somewhere! 

It seems we were completely mistaken. She came over and asked if WE were okay as she’d followed us for quiet a few kilometres before we pulled over at the side of road and thinking we needed help decided to offer assistance! 

After explaining that we had satnav…”oh GPS” she says, she hopped back in her car and was on her way.  We just thought that was such a lovely and nice thing to have done and was worth a mention here.

If only we’d known we were so lost at the time we might have taken her up on the offer of help! 🤔

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