So after our Brussels visit today, we decided to head to Luxembourg city to start going south.

Not seeing much in the way of parking options in Luxembourg we figured we’d find somewhere to stay for the night near the German border to get a headstart on tomorrow and heading towards Stuttgart. So after finding an aire to stay at we entered the GPS coordinates and off we went.

After about an hour or two driving we were told we’ve reached our destination, looking up I see a crossroads with fields all around us and no sign of an aire at all.  Enquiring to my better half how the coordinates were entered, I think I can see the problem, coordinates duly entered again… correctly, we set off again.

Another 20 minutes later we find ourselves in the middle of a housing estate with the destination somewhere off the edge of the screen somewhere, at this point we realise we’ve messed up AGAIN somehow!

So after opening Google maps on my phone to determine just how far off course we are…we were shocked to find we’re actually in France!…damn it! How the heck did this happen?

Okay, at this point it’s nearly 7:30pm, we haven’t eaten yet and we have no clue where we’re going or where we’re going to sleep tonight. 😭

Jánine found a campsite that’s about 4 miles away, we’re not entirely sure it’s open or if they’ll let us in at this time of night…but it will have to do!

Arriving at the campsite, it became quite clear we ain’t getting on there either, there was a long dark drive lined with trees each side, no lights on anywhere and reception seemingly shut up for the night/winter.

There was a large caravan parked on the side of the drive with someone in it, so figured what the heck, let’s join them, so we pulled up in front of them and got the hob going to cook dinner.

After watching a little TV on the laptop, we decided it was time for bed… that and the laptop battery just died. ☹

Oh well, here’s hoping tomorrow’s a better one. 😁

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