How To Feel 5 Years Younger!

Step 1 – wake up and manage to drag your sorry looking bum out of bed and into the freezing cold air that is known as morning.

Step 2 – grab all the lotions, potions, towel and clothes needed to make oneself clean and respectable.

Step 3 – head to the shower block in t-shirt and shorts in the cold morning air (believe me when I say it’s easier in a t-shirt and shorts!).

Step 4 – strip naked (after closing the stall door) and turn the water on hoping it’s at least warm and more than a dribble.

Step 5 – realise the water is in fact hot! while jumping for joy…to then realise it’s actually scolding hot with no way to turn it down.

Step 6 – try to not take more than one layer of skin off each time you duck under the water to rinse off…and do it quickly. 

Step 7 – return to whence you came with a wonderful red glow! 

Voila! 😁

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