One of Seven Dwarves

So, after arriving in Rotterdam and not really seeing anything interesting, we decided to head to a place Jánine found on tinternet with windmills!…yay sounds good to us!, something a little different.

We happened to come across motorhome parking as we got near the place…what luck, somewhere Doris can fit and she can be with her friends!…sorted!
We pulled up to the gate and were greeted by this chap who told us to come to the office to pay when we were settled and that it would be 6 euros for parking.

So we parked Doris up, got the bikes ready and rode over to the office to pay the man.  As we got near the office, he came out shouting “you can’t ride your bikes in the car park!” and we were to come inside so he can tell us the “rules!”…okaaaaay. 🤔

I went into the office where he gave me a receipt for the 6 euros parking and a map of the local area including directions to the windmills, that’s great…thanks! 

I went back outside to Jánine who was looking after the bikes as she went to find a bin to drop the rubbish in, and spotting a toilet next to the bins, she decided to pay a quick visit, at this point the guy comes outside again to ask if we are “using the facilities?”, which I replied “Oh, you mean the toilet…yes, my wife’s just gone that way”, … “did you not read the receipt? It says NO facilities!”, “oh, okay, would you like us to pay for those? we were also thinking to fill up with water later too if we could perhaps pay for them both together?” I said, “well, then you need to pay for facilities and MUST stay overnight” he says, it was around this point we realised he was one of the seven dwarves…and it wasn’t happy! 

Now I’m beginning to think I don’t even want to stay here at all now!…Mr Grumpy!

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