Top 10 Things I’ve Learnt in France

1) You drive on the right hand side of the road, if you don’t it doesn’t make them too happy and it makes me very nervous.

2) It can actually rain almost every day.

3) The noise of the rain on the top of Doris can be so loud that the laptop speakers cannot compete and you have to turn it off until it stops raining.

4) Croissants, Pain O Chocolate, Cheese and Baguettes are addictive!…be careful!

5) WiFi / Phone signal IS important!…I’ve got a blog to write! 😉

6) If it’s cold enough, you can actually shower in 2 minutes flat!

7) When it’s really cold, sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to get OUT of the shower for some reason!?

7) I can balance better on my left leg than my right.

8) Always take toilet roll with you to the toilet, you just never know if there will be any there, even if there was yesterday.

9) Just because a campsites website offers discounts for September, it doesn’t mean they will accept it…or even be open!

10) The friendliness of the French varies dramatically!…from looking at us like we have the plague, to telling us to follow them and they will take us to the campsite!

Sidenote: following on from number 10, Jánine felt like we should offer the man something for his trouble…at which point she pulls out MY box of a dozen Pain O Chocolate and offers it over to him!…inside she’s now realising how it may seem like she was offering him the whole box and was getting nervous he might say yes and take the lot!

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