Okay, after intense alcohol therapy, I now feel I’m able to finally talk about… Bordeaux.

We thought it would be great to go and see Bordeaux and perhaps sample some wine for which it is famous.

Using the sat nav, we got her to just point us straight to the city centre and we’d figure out the details as we got nearer.

Weeeeeel, before we knew it we were actually in the city centre, it didn’t look too bad traffic wise so we thought we’d just wander round till we found somewhere to park, then take a walk / bike to whatever looked interesting.

It’s around this time it all started to go wrong!

We were literally taking a left or a right turn on gut feeling alone, hoping that the next corner would bring a park n ride or a large car park where we could tuck Doris up for a few hours…but alas, this wasn’t to be.

The decision was made to simply get out of dodge as the streets were getting narrower and narrower and seemingly further and further into the centre of town.

Even while trying to get out, it was getting worse!

At one point we were going down the narrowest of streets with cars parked down both sides! And no option to reverse out!

We had to put the wing mirrors in to get past one particular seemingly impassable obstruction of vehicles, with (I kid you not) approximately 1 inch each side of poor Doris!

Upon getting to larger roads and starting to breathe easier, we simply gave up on the whole idea and tried to blot it from our minds. 

So after about a 2.5 hours drive from Rochefort to Bordeaux, we turned round and headed almost back the way we came to just get away from the place and ended up driving for approximately 9 hours straight before finding a place to collapse for the night with a large and very much needed stiff drink for Nanna and Grandad and the petrol light now on in the middle of nowhere!

Here endeth the traumatic recollection of the days events which are not to be repeated again. 

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