Sunday…day of rest 

Decided late last night to backtrack a little this morning to a place we passed yesterday called Montbazen, as Jánine spotted a wood with wild flowers growing everywhere which she really liked the look of.

She was loving all of it!..’the best place ever!’. ❤

Heard music coming from the other side of the river,  

..So we wandered over there to find what we think is a kids day out which is all free, kinda like a council thing.

They were making things from wicker, had buckets of water with poles on which when pumped up and down made a noise, plus homemade pizza, ice creams and drums made of water bottles and anything else they could find. 

Had a lovely pistachio ice cream with Jánine opting for the pistachio and fraise  (strawberry) mix…absolutely amazing!

We had a stroll around the little town and just to see where it took us. 


Looking around online, I heard about a book called French Passion from the same people who made the aires books.  It basically lists all the places in France you can go and stay for free where the locals work and you can sample what they make ie cheese, wine etc with the view that you’ll purchase some at the end… that sounds good to us, so going to try and find one of those tomorrow in the Loire Valley somewhere to sample some proper vino from the chaps that make it!  

Looking forward to that! 😁 🍾

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