Saturday’s exploits

So, what day is it today…who cares when you don’t have work tomorrow. 😉 I understand it’s Saturday.  So what did we do today…

Well, we left Paris and travelled South heading towards La Rochelle on the coast, but figured we wouldn’t make it all the way with the time available, so decided to make for Tours which is about half way.

While driving along we spotted a Carrefour supermarket and figured we’re best to stock up now while we can and not repeat the Aldi Lidl scenario again. 😉

We didnt realise just how big this place was though from the outside though, this is like Ikea big!

Jánine was on a mission to find some icing, however after spending around 2 hours in there trying to find that and poulet, my head was about to explode and I had to get Jánines assistance. 😉

Jánine however did find a substitute for her icing..

We did get quite a few new and exciting things to try though, so we’ll let you know how they go. 🤔

Most of what we see while driving along is little towns and villages, but we did spot this odd little thing on the side of the road made from hay bales which we thought was worthy of a photo.

Jánine even managed to get a photo of the carefully parked plane on the island.

And something that made her very happy was a double rainbow!

One thing we haven’t seen much of is blue skies…but we did managed to catch a glint of it today!

Doris is settled in for the night in a free parking area.

So we decided to go for a little walk after tea and explore the town, which seems to have all gone to bed by 8pm.

Found a quaint little road.

…with some dubious French parking..

Then we unexpectedly came across a 3 metre high goat!..I kid (lol) you not.

Carried on a little further to find a cemetery with the sunset right behind it, which made for a few good photographs.

So, as far as today goes, I think that’s all he wrote.

Good night and god bless.  😁

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s exploits

  1. Yeah kinda, no electrical hookup, water or chemical toilet disposal…but it’s free! 😁
    Thanks…yeah still after the patisserie for Neenie. But after the cake today I’m not sure she’ll want any for a day or 2. Lol


  2. You actually found a Eire then. Well done. You will find the French shops close for the afternoon and open for a short while about if your looking for cakes then go to the bakers (bouleners) at least i think thas how you spell it.


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