Santa on Top of the Tree?

Another small tale to tell. 😁

We did manage to find Le Eiffel Tower after a little metro journey, short walk, a security check, pat down and a queue, but all good.

Going up in the lift was a little disconcerting, as bar all the scaffolding there’s not a lot in the way of reassurance this thing aint gonna fall down! So as we’re going up there, there were a few squeals from a few people in with us, but still…all ok.

So we’re wandering around the top of the tower taking in the views and getting a few snaps and selfies, then who do we see at the top of the Xmas tree…

…Santa!…And he’s actually from Florida not the north pole!, would you believe it!

And as we are in Paris and at the top of the Eiffel Tower, I would be remiss if I didn’t put up a loving photo of us both.

To my bestest friend in the whole wide world and the person who makes me feel complete…Jánine! ❤ 

2 thoughts on “Santa on Top of the Tree?

  1. Santa?! So this is what he gets up to in the other 11 months? 🤔
    Glad you’re having lots of fun, were also having lots of fun reading your adventures. Very glad you managed to cross the Arc De Triumph – that is one hell of a road!
    Missing you both, keep updating us!! Xxx

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