What did we do today?

After finding an actual campsite in Paris, we tucked Doris in, then headed straight off to the city. 😁

We headed straight for the Eiffel Tower to tick that off our little list.

We went right to the top where the air is thin lol and you can see Santa (see previous post).

We then headed to Notre Dame and took in the sights there.

Had lunch with some vino 😁 yum yum

We then headed to the Pompidou Centre for a bit of a wander around looking for a patisserie to satisfy Jánines sugar cravings, but no such luck. 😢

Then onto the Arc De Triumph for the obligatory photos.

It’s a little bigger than appears in the photo and a heck of a lot busier lol, it seems to be about 5 lanes going round the arc but with no lane markings. 🤔

We then trotted down the Champs Elysees watching all the Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis roll up and down past Louis Vitton, Bulgari, BMW and many other prestigious stores all with the heavies standing outside on guard and probably to check your credit limit. Lol

We were hoping to do a Seine river cruise by night, but by this time we a little weary and needing a little down time, so we opted for one that was available right then. 

Then back to Doris…

…for a MUCH needed rest and food before falling into bed.

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