France..tale number 1

Just to keep any interested parties updated, here’s our first tale from France.

So, the ​journey down was ok, apart from…we missed the ferry due to roadworks and leaving slightly later than we’d hoped, we managed to call ahead and explain the situation and change our booking to a later one and just pay the difference, only to find the ferry was an hour late leaving anyway as they had engine trouble, only 3 out of 4 engines were working. 😉

Then, as we were getting sorted and relaxing on the ferry, we realised the books we purchased to tell us where all the Aires are (cheap places to stay in France), are still at home on my desk! 

As we still have the Caravan and Motorhome membership book with us which shows where all the proper campsites are we’ll be fine we thought….if only we were still in old blighty…it only covers the UK and the corresponding app on my phone does the same. 

So, at this point, we have no aires book, technically missed the ferry, caravan and motorhome club were no help and all the road signs are written in French!….AND they drive on the wrong side of the road! 

And breathe….

So, after Jánines googling skills got going, she managed to find a recommended aires site in Calais…ie back the way we’ve come, cool,  that will do us nicely!  Pressed the enter button to be told by the sat nav on the phone that it will probably be shut by the time we get there! 

Oh well, at this point, what have we got to lose. 

Going down a few small lanes, we did manage to find the pace fairly easily to be greeted by a nice man…”Bon soire” 

So, after hooking up the electrics and closing the blinds… we’re happy again and can breathe a sigh of relief… until tomorrow when it all starts again. 😁

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