Wessington, Derbyshire

Total Nights: 4

A very short walk down to the pond to see a couple of fish and these lovely looking Lilly pads.

Woke up to see a farrier re-shoeing a horse this morning which was quiet interesting to see.

On our way out for a walk along the country lanes we spotted a few chickens which was nice…however the dead one in the top left corner of the photo.. not so nice. Lol

Jánine was certain she’d heard donkeys at one point in the day.. this was confirmed the next day when we spotted this pair in a nearby field.

Finished the day off with the obligatory fish n chips from the local chippy.. which was only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 till 9.. however they were pretty good and the people were queuing out the door was a good sign. 😀

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